Crafted By Time

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Adonis is starting to build his new wooden boat. He is one of the few who still have this skill. He makes a living from fishing in the Prespa Lakes. The Society for the Protection of Prespa has spent many years studying the fish species of these same lakes.

The documentary was produced as part of the LIFE+ Information & Communication (2010-2013) project “Fish, Fisheries and European Policy in the Prespa Basin” which aims to inform the public and raise awareness about issues connected with the rare fish species and fisheries of Prespa. The Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP) has been honoured by the European Commission with a “Best of the Best” Award for this project.

The film has been participate at the 15th Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival, at the Environmental Film Festival of Albania and and the Greek Documentary Film Festival in Chalkida.

Duration 48′
HD 1080p (4:2:2)

Director – Script: Efthymiou Vangelis
Director of photography : Dimitris Kordelas, Yannis Kolozis
Sound recorder: Orestis Kamperidis
Editing – Sound Mixing: Yannis Kolozis
Music: Kostas Vomvolos
Production Manager: Thomas Karanikas

Scientific Advisor
Giorgos Katsadorakis, Myrsini Malakou

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