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The first Healing Centre

Did you know that the theater of Epidaurus was a part of the first complex Healing Center, where, centuries ago, an holistic treatment of the patients through surgery operations and water spa, music- drama therapy, and hypnosis sessions was applied?

Every summer thousands of spectators from all over the world watch at the famous ancient theatre in Greece the theatrical performances. Only few of them are aware of the fact that the theatre is a part of Asclepeion. The holistic approach that was practiced there is again a request even today.

The film reveals the ancient healing techniques and the holistic process practiced in the Asclepeion of Epidaurus, and will explore why this immense knowledge was lost.


The film

Asclepius, the Healer god, was worshiped in Asclepeion, where Medicine was born. The art of healing  began with the god and his mystic priests curing the patients by magic and “miracles” and evolved to scientific documentation. Gradually Asclepeion was transformed to a building complex which became an Holistic Healing Centre.

The film will shed light into the healing practices as an applied example of the holistic treatment of the patient as body-soul-mind. Besides medication, diet and surgery, the hypnosis and the dreams, the music and the theater, the nature and the faith played a role in the healing process. As years came by, Asclepius, due to his miraculous healing art became the most significant opponent of Christ. As a result a great corpus of knowledge was lost.


Visual approach

As the element of nature is important to the holistic treatment, filming the wonderful environment of the Epidaurus land will be a significant part of the film.

Crane, overhead travelling and steady cam will enforce the visual approach.

The narrator, D. Kamarinou, an archaeologist herself, will introduce to us the different prestigious experts who’s interviews will be incorporated in the story. She will be filmed outdoors, on location.

Professor of Archaeology V. Lambrinoudakis as the curator of the Epidaurus Archaeological Site for the last 30 years, shot on location, will give us unique access to the monuments and will be one of our interviewers.

Due to the interdisciplinary approach of the issue an array of experts will take part: a cardiologist that applies music therapy, a body psychotherapist, an historian of Medicine and a well known director of experimental theater.

The shooting will take place mainly to the archaeological site of the Asclepeion in Epidaurus and to the Asclepeions of the island of Kos and Pergamum, Turkey.

The other experts will be interviewed indoors.

Archive footage –still photos and moving image- will be used.

There will be short re-enactment by giving “life” to stone depictions.

3D Animation techniques will get us closer to the original archaeological site.



  • Vangelis Efthymiou (Director)
  • Dimitra Kamarinou (Script)
  • Vangelis Koulinos (Cinematography)
  • Maria Koufopoulou (Production Manager)
  • Kostas Vomvolos (Music)
  • Aris Kafentzis (Sound Design)
  • Yannis Kolozis (Editing)
  • Thomas Karanikas (Visual Effects)

Duration: 52′

Format: Full high definition 1080p (4:2:2)